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  • Focus

  • DOA Think Tank conference (December 2015)

    In 2011, several actors of the European Aeronautical Industry launch Standardisation of DOA holders Design Suppliers Surveillance.

    The objectives of DOA Think Tank are simple and can be summarized in two words: simplification and reactivity.

    Indeed organizational interfaces between DOA holders and their suppliers need to be simplified and DOA standardized guidelines must be produced by industry and recognized by the authorities.

    The GIFAS on behalf of ASD organized a conference on the working groups and achievement of DOA Think Tank on Thursday, December 10th in the Centre de Conférence Paris Trocadéro. It dealt with qualification of test organizations, flammability tests, managing of the surveillance of design suppliers, aso.



    GIFAS - cedric.terminet@gifas.fr

    "Together let's build on the excellence of the French aerospace sector"


    On conclusion of the think-tank's work on the need to balance competitiveness and profitability within the industry, the Gifas Equipment Group Trade Commission organized a symposium on customer/supplier relations and purchasing best practice.

    The event achieved its objective of helping to promote the sector's efforts to improve the customer/supplier relationship.

    More than half the participants said that trust is the key to a good relationship between customer and supplier.

    The vast majority had the sense of belonging to a mutually supportive network, giving rise to an atmosphere of respect and cooperation.
    The best practice most commonly applied is "Fostering long-term partnerships".


    "Together let's build on the excellence of the... par GIFAS-Officiel

    GIFAS - laurence.thuret-demoulin@gifas.fr

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