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  • Gifas team

  • Gifas team


    The Board's decisions and instructions are implemented by the Managing Director and a permanent staff of 45

      Managing Director General Pierre Bourlot
      Secretary General, Equipment Group and Aero-SME Committee Mr. Bernard Espannet
      GIFAS accounts and administration department
         Director Mr. Alain Shalit
         Deputy Director Mrs Laurence Petiot-Crammer
         Human resources Mrs Rachel Manyri
         Procurement Mr. Pierre Chabannes
         Accounts Mr. Claude Pupo
         I.T. and Maintenance Mr. Serge Kieffer
      Administrative, Legal and Business Affairs Mrs Laurence Thuret-Demoulin
      Deputy Director Mrs Delphine Audiat
      Economic, Defence, Air Transport Security, CIDEF secretary Mr. Guillaume Muesser
      European and International affairs Mr. Vincent Gorry
        Deputy Director Mr. Cédric Post
        Deputy Director, European Affairs Mrs Nadia Koeniguer
        Deputy Director, Institutional Affairs
    Mrs Caroline Guetta-Rupied
        Exhibitions and Events Manager
    Mrs Nathalie Meyer
      Industrial affairs Mr. Anthony Bourdon

    Manager Careers
    Industrial Committee, Quality
    customer services, Information   technologies

    Mr. Thomas Jeannin-Naltet

      Manager Careers  Quality,Airworthiness,Standardization
    Mr. Jean-Luc Besse
            Project Manager "Industry of the      future" Mr Jean-Luc Besse
      Public Affairs Director Mr. Jérôme Jean
      R&D, Space and Environment affairs Mrs Anne Bondiou-Clergerie
           Deputy Director Mrs Corinne Lignet
           Space Officer Mr. Guillaume Bruna
      Social Affairs and Training Mr. Philippe Dujaric
      Communication Mr. Christophe Robin
           Communications Manager Mrs Floriane Patacchini
          Communications Projects Manager Mrs Aline Lechevalier
      Paris Air Show
    Deputy CEO
    Mr. Gilles Fournier


    Management & Departments


    The Board of Administrators, consisting of senior executives of member companies, determines the lines of action to be taken, based on the problems shared by the companies. Actions are taken by the relevant departments in GIFAS on the basis of deliberations by specialized commissions after approval by the Board.
    An Equipment Group (GEAD) exists within GIFAS as does an Aero-SME Committee to deal with issues specific to major Equipment companies and SMEs respectively.

    • Mr. Bernard Espannet
      General Secretary, Equipment Group and Aero-SME Committe
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 60

    GIFAS Accounts & Administration Department

    The Finance and administration department is in charge of financial control and accounting for GIFAS and other related organizations, including the International Paris Air Show (SIAE). It is specifically the point of contact for matters related to GIFAS members' fees. This department is also in charge of human resource management, day-to-day operations, reception of GIFAS members and organization of various meetings in its premises. Another significant role of this department is to manage GIFAS I.T. resources and internet services, key interfaces between GIFAS, its members and the feneral public. Finally, it is in charge of procurement, both for GIFAS and SIAE.


    Administrative, Legal & Business Affairs

    The Administrative, Legal and Business Affairs division examines any proposals, initiatives and measures, whether legislative, regulatory or administrative, affecting the aerospace industry. The division also assists Gifas members with issues involving law, contracts, finance and insurance. The division interfaces with official organizations at French, European Union and international levels. On behalf of French aerospace suppliers, the division negotiates contracts with French and international prime contractors.

    • Mrs Delphine Audiat
      Deputy Director

      Tel : +33 (0)1 44 43 17 66

    Economic, Defence, Air Transport Security, CIDEF secretary 

    The Economic, Defence and Air Transport Security Affairs department gathers and analyses the statistical data on the industry and its environment. The Department co-ordinates the GIFAS activities through the "Air Transport Security" commission. It assists the industrialists on these matters with the national and European authorities. It organizes the work of the GIFAS Defence Committee, brings its expertise to matters of defence and safety.

    • Mr. Guillaume Muesser

      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 19

    European and International Affairs

    The Department coordinates Gifas' European initiatives. It organizes the work of the Gifas and CIDEF European Affairs Commission, interfacing with ASD, Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe. It runs the functions of Executive Secretary of the French delegation to NIAG (Nato Industrial Advisory Group).

    Concerning International Affairs, the Department main missions are to support its members in their international development and to interact, in the name of its members, with French official authorities in matters regarding export.

    Members are offered support through different forms : in federating the participation of members at international exhibitions, in coordinating industrial missions, in organising professional events : meetings, seminars, conferences..., and in carrying out lobbying actions.

    The department maintains close relationship with French government and other professional associations in order to facilitate the export business of its members. Among other things, it provides information on export control regulation for defence products and on available incentives for export.

    It organises the work of the Gifas International Committee. It interacts also with its members through the organisation of Working Group on countries and specific topics (ethics, offsets, export control...).


    • Mr. Cédric Post
      Deputy Director

      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 32
    • Mrs Nadia Koeniguer
      Deputy Director, European Affairs


      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 55


    • Mrs Caroline Guetta-Rupied
      Deputy Director, Institutional Affairs
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 46


    Industrial Affairs

    The Industrial department deals with technical matters outwith research and development and environnement. It groups the industrial committee, airworthiness, quality customer services. Information technologies and frequencies commissions as well as tge standardization cell. Uniting all these matters into one direction garantees the appropriate synergy between the different groups and leads to consistent results. 

    The Industrial direction, through its commissions, is acknowledged as a recognized spokesman by the French state entities and the European and international entreaties on the technical issues that it deals with.

    The Industrial direction also manages projects, for the aerospace industry, when requested by its members.

    • Mr. Anthony Bourdon
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 36



    • Mr. Thomas Jeannin-Naltet
      Project Manager Careers
      Industrial Committee, Quality customer services, Information technologies
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 40

    • Mr. Jean-Luc Besse
      Project Manager Careers
      Quality, Airworthiness, Standardization
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 75



    Public Affairs

    The Public Affairs Division’s main brief is to enlighten the many diverse institutional partners of the French aerospace industry on the industry’s challenges and make them aware of its interests. The Public Affairs Division now coordinates institutional and parliamentary matters. It takes part in parliamentary debates and hearings about the French aerospace industry. It conducts in-depth monitoring on legislation, regulations and politics and current policies affecting the aerospace industry and tracks any relevant official appointments.


    • Mr. Jérôme JEAN
      Public Affairs Director
      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 04

    R&D, Space and Environment Affairs

    The R&D, Space and Environment Department leads the works of  the R&D Commission, the Environment and Sustainable Development Commission as well as the activities devoted to the space manufacturing industry, through the Space Commission. On these different topics, working groups carry out in depth analysis on technical matters (key technologies, REACH regulation, industry carbon footprint, etc.) or strategic themes (research funding and key players, major European programs, etc.).

    Moreover, the Department it is in charge of the executive secretariat of the Council for civil aerospace research (CORAC), in conjunction with the DGAC (French Administration for Civil Aviation), and that of the government-industry space coordination committee (COSPACE), in conjunction with Cnes.


    Social Affairs and Training

    The Social Affairs and Training Department prepares the position of the profession regarding regulations and industrial agreements pertaining to social affairs and training. It conducts studies on employment, job classifications and earnings. Initiatives are taken in partnership with the education system to adapt training to the needs of companies, and to spread information on careers and training (career forums, multimedia tools, etc.). This department manages the collective labour agreement for flight and cabin crews, test flights and inward inspection staff. 


    The Communications department prepares strategies and initiatives to boost the image of the profession in France and promote our industry abroad. Actions specific to equipment companies and SMEs are also carried out. Its work comprises press and public relations, lobbying, internal communication, regional issues, publication of brochures and newsletters, management of intranet and extranet dedicated to its members and a daily news summary. The department is in charge of the Paris Air Show press centre, press accreditations and communication.





    • Mrs Aline Lechevalier
      Communications Projects Manager


      Tel: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 87

    International Paris Air Show

    The Air Show Department organizes the International Paris Air Show every two years, operating through its subsidiary SIAE. The 53rd International Paris Air Show will take place from June 17 to 23, 2019 at the Paris-Le Bourget airport and exhibition center. This exhibition is the world's first meeting for the aerospace industry with close (2017) to 2,381 exhibitors and 142,000 trade visitors, 180,000 public visitors and 3,450 journalists. The show also will give to nearly 55,000 students a good view of careers in the aerospace industry with a recruitment forum and the Careers Plane operated by the Gifas Social Affairs and Training Department. R&D, Space and Environment Department organized Paris Air Lab (50 000 visitors) the new attraction dedicated to research and innovation.

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