The sector stakes

The sector stakes

  • Competitiveness

    The high performance of the aerospace industry, in both technical and economic aspects, is due in part to its control over the supply chain and its quality throughout the value chain (from the buyer to the SME providers). For GIFAS, it is imperative to continue in this way to keep the industry competitive.
  • Careers & Training

    The member companies of GIFAS employ 188,000 people in their aerospace activities in France. 
  • Environment

    Confronting climate change, designing quieter and more efficient airplanes, developing innovative satellites to observe the Earth’s system: our sector is using its skills to their utmost to take action for the environment.
  • Innovation

    The aerospace sector is a leader in innovation. Our systems are rich in technology and reveal the creativity of the many players in our sector. To maintain this level of excellence, the aerospace industry remains dedicated to collaborative innovation based on ongoing cooperation between private and public actors. This is the best way to prepare for the future in a very competitive environment.
  • International

    The French aerospace sector is a leader in Europe and in the world. GIFAS protects this number-one status that enables our country and its industry to assert itself on the international stage.