The high performance of the aerospace industry, in both technical and economic aspects, is due in part to its control over the supply chain and its quality throughout the value chain (from the buyer to the SME providers). For GIFAS, it is imperative to continue in this way to keep the industry competitive.

In light of rising competition among international aerospace players, GIFAS strives to keep the French sector competitive over the entire value chain.

Supply chain and performance

About twenty years ago, industry integrators needed a better way to accommodate greater numbers of orders and compete on a global scale. They broke down organizational silos and started focusing on overall design, systems integration and final assembly. This led them to subcontract out production tasks that were not directly related to the core business. This is how the chain of aeronautic manufacturers and subcontractors came about, and this is what we call the supply chain. GIFAS extends its support to this whole network of companies. 

The objective is that they work together as a system and that information circulates as needed.

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Effective programs

GIFAS uses its multidisciplinary position to design and implement a wide variety of programs that maintain the performance of the French aerospace industry. 

The program “Ambition PME-ETI”, created by GIFAS, with the support of Bpifrance, gives SMEs as well as mid-cap companies (ETI) the opportunity to dream big, at international level. Slightly more than 18 months of coaching helps the CEOs/senior executives of these companies to develop their strategic plan. This assistance also puts them in a position to diversify their customer portfolio and improve their competitiveness. Ultimately, this benefits the whole French aerospace industry: small businesses that remain strong in the long term are necessary for the good economic health of our sector. 

The program “Performances Industrielles”, which targets supply chain businesses ranging from very small to mid-size companies, focuses on improving supply chain performance. This collaborative program is organized into regional “clusters” and its second phase featured close to 315 SMEs working with 54 buyers. The program’s successes (phases 1 and 2) led to an improvement in supply chain performance of indicators like on-time delivery (OTD) and quality (IER). 

New program industry 4.0 or “industry of the future” targets technologies in production methods and tools that are essential to the continued competitiveness of our companies. 

GIFAS has accordingly designed an Industrie du Futur” program that aims to assist our members with their digital transformation, and especially to help SMEs and mid-cap companies assimilate new production and digital technologies in all of the life stages of a product. This program is accessible to 300 companies.

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