Careers & Training

The member companies of GIFAS employ 188,000 people in their aerospace activities in France. 

Due to its growing production, the aerospace sector is constantly recruiting. We estimate that each year, this leads to 15,000 jobs, mainly for indefinite-term full-time positions. GIFAS takes a wide range of actions topromote training and hiring.

Using training to anticipate recruiting

The digital transition and continued growth of our profession have changed jobs and processes. New skills are called to the forefront. GIFAS supports its members during this transition by anticipating our sector’s human resources needs. In 2019, we implemented an EDEC (Commitment to Developing Employment and Skills). This €2 million framework agreement brings together the French government, the sector and the vocational field for three years to work on a shared project: identifying shifts in the job market and collaborating with professional training entities to promote innovative engineering training that meets the companies’ needs in the medium and long term.

Work-study as a gateway

This same agreement must also promote alternance (work-study program) by increasing the number of these contracts by 50% over 5 years incollaboration with funding and managing entities. In 2019, our industry employed 7,300 work-study trainees or apprentices, and we are aiming for 10,000 by 2023. Giving young people the chance to start their career with training in one of our member structures means that the skills they develop will match the company’s needs, and that they will integrate seamlessly into the relevant professions. This is why GIFAS partners with several training centers and engineering schools, like the CFA des Métiers de l’aérien (apprenticeship training center for air transport careers), the ISAE Group (federation of 5 French aerospace engineering schools) and the École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (National School of Civil Aviation).

Strengthening the appeal of the sector

Through its presence or partnership with different trade shows, GIFAS seeks to spread awareness of the aerospace professions and in so doing to optimize the industry’s recruiting capacity. National operations like the Paris Air Show Careers Plane, the Usine Extraordinaire (The Extraordinary Factory - event dedicated to French manufacturers) and the French Fab Tour, as well as regional operations (the Careers Plane in Toulouse, Saint-Nazaire and Bordeaux; and specific regional trade shows)) promote work-study arrangements, capture young people’s interest and spark their curiosity.

Fiches métiers

    En mode avion

    GIFAS web series (in French language only)

    6 young people discovering jobs in aeronautics production.

    Online platform was created by GIFAS 15 years ago as a room to communicate about recruiting and training within the aerospace industry. It unites all companies in the sector and organizes job offers by six main skill/trade groups. To foster mobility, the platform presents first the regions that are recruiting, and features a searchable map of opportunities at small and medium-sized businesses.

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