The French aerospace sector is a leader in Europe and in the world. GIFAS protects this number-one status that enables our country and its industry to assert itself on the international stage.

The development of our industry has been possible thanks to a constant dialogue with our international partners. In an ever more globalized economy, we owe it to ourselves to pursue our activities with the same openness.

Conquering new markets

Our members’ international positions are necessary to gain market shares. GIFAS provides reliable support for its members by attending the major international air shows and by organizing seminars or business conventions between French companies and local industry.


  • Date TBC: Aero India in Bangalore, India
  • April 26–29: FAMEX in Santa Lucia, Mexico
  • May 23-27: LIMA in Langkawi, Malaysia
  • October 17-22: Seoul ADEX Airshowin Seoul, South Korea
  • November 12-16: Dubai Airshow in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To better hone in on business opportunities, GIFAS also works to connect the foreign subsidiaries of our companies with those willing to penetrate a new market. 

The four French Aerospace Networks (NAFAN¹, SEAFAN², MEFAN³ and INFAN⁴) give each of our members, including small and medium-sized businesses, close connections within four strategic zones in the international aerospace industry.

1/ North America French Aerospace Network. 2/ South East Asia French Aerospace Network. 3/ Middle East French Aerospace Network. 4/ India French Aerospace Network

Anticipating industry changes

Another part of GIFAS’ role is ensuring that French industry is well aware of different geopolitical trends

The economic sanctions targeting exchanges with Russia, the long-term uncertainty surrounding United States-China trade relations, and the United States’ decision to distance itself from Europe are all important factors to take into account when creating smart industry policies

Our work as an industry representative consists of maintaining good relationships with the industries of these countries, and of keeping an eye on international consolidations of large purchasers and suppliers, in order to analyze the consequences and advise our members on the best stance to adopt in these situations.

Competitive industry in a strong Europe

At a European level, GIFAS supports the proposals of its members in terms of research, development and infrastructure. GIFAS promotes the development of a strong European defense industry with wide-ranging programs conducted through different EU countries with the financial support of the European Commission. Our actions are rooted in collaborative European research, with the implementation of partnerships like SESAR (air traffic) and Clean Sky (environmental performance). 

GIFAS’ constant activity feeds into a new European industrial strategy that deploys the incentives and support necessary for technological innovation and industrial performance. This approach gives our sector the means to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage and strengthens Europe’s sovereignty and strategic autonomy.