An integrated and consistent ecosystem

GIFAS works to strengthen its supply chain and enhance its competitiveness

French aerospace manufacturing sector owes its leadership position partially to its supply chain organization which integrates large industry manufacturers, as well as their suppliers (SMEs and mid-sized businesses). 

GIFAS can therefore develop operational and collaborative initiatives for its members that enable them to be stakeholders in a coherent, high-performing and competitive ecosystem.

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Collaborative digital platforms for the supply chain

To ensure good communication between buyers and suppliers, GIFAS is fostering the development of BoostAeroSpace, a digital supply chain platform created by buyers, and of related tools for digital collaboration. 

GIFAS encourages companies in the supply chain to work together more effectively using several digital tools that give them access to secure ways to exchange information. 

For instance, the “AirSupply” platform helps suppliers to be connected with their customers. This collaborative portal manages supply chain activities from purchase orders to invoices, including production rates. This tool also makes it possible to standardize ways of working and enables all players in the supply chain to share scheduling information easily and reliably: orders, deliveries, stock levels and so on. 

The “AirCyber” platform was created in response to the growing number of cyberattacks. It helps companies communicate securely and protect the sensitive data exchanged.

Support for contractual relationships between suppliers and purchasers

GIFAS frequently assists suppliers with contract-related questions so that they have the best possible understanding of their partners’ needs. GIFAS organizes regular meetings between supply chain players and the purchasing departments or program directors of the main industry manufacturers, which match up with visits to production sites. These meetings give participants the opportunity to speak freely about different issues and the strategies that purchasers have chosen.

GIFAS promotes and shapes the development of mediation within the sector. Mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes between clients and suppliers quickly and in a controlled manner. GIFAS has established a council of mediators, led by an Industry Mediator, that brings together internal mediators from the large groups. This structure gives suppliers direct access to contacts from large groups as needed and allows them to benefit from mediation as well as from precautionary measures.

Regarding public procurement

Regarding public procurement, GIFAS communicates regularly with its members about the legislation currently in force. Along with the French Ministry of Armed Forces, it ensures that the standards for purchases by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) are in compliance with regulatory changes. Feedback is exchanged between manufacturers and the DGA so that possible sticking points in the negotiation of public defense contracts can be identified and remedied.

Regarding regulatory matters

Regarding regulatory matters, campaigns have been conducted to raise awareness among SMEs. New and restrictive regimes have been discussed, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the French “Devoir de vigilance” law (“duty of care”, focusing on Environment, Health and Safety at Work, Human Rights and Ethics) and the French “Sapin II” law.

Regarding taxes

Regarding taxes, GIFAS sends out an annual communication about the main taxes and social charges that apply to its members. A summary is presented to the GIFAS Board and is often used when GIFAS representatives meet with representatives of the French government and parliament. Overall, GIFAS continues its essential work as a supervisor and advocate for the sector to limit increases in company taxes, particularly those taxes that impact operating revenue.

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