Network operating

Network operating
  • GEAD

    The GEAD conducts specific actions to promote and defend equipment manufacturers. These actions, deliberated on by the GEAD Steering Committee and Executive Committee, are implemented by GIFAS management through the Commissions and work groups.

  • AERO-SME Committee

    SME members of GIFAS partner with industry contractors and equipment manufacturers on all aerospace programs. They offer their clients a wide array of services ranging from elementary components to the integration of complete assemblies.

  • Commissions

    Dedicated commissions are composed of representatives from member companies and led by a chairperson (often a member of the Board) and a GIFAS representative from the permanent staff. Commissions are spaces for debate and discussion as well as for presenting proposals. The latter are submitted for the approval of the Board. If the proposed actions are retained, the GIFAS permanent staff implements them and bring them to fruition.