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  • Press conferences

  • 12 April 2017 - French aerospace, defence and security industry 2017 Results

    Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS, presented the French Aerospace, Defence and Security industry results on Thursday 12 April 2018.

    “The sector enjoyed another record year in 2017 with sales increasing to € 64 Bn (a 6% rise on a comparable basis) dominated by export sales worth € 44 Bn (a 6% rise) – setting a new record that equates to 85% of the consolidated sales figure. The civilian sector garnered 76% of the sales. As a result of the strong € 17-Bn performance achieved by our sector, which is a pole of technological and economic excellence for France, it posted the top sector surplus of the nation’s trade balance for 2017 yet again” declared Eric Trappier when he presented the industry’s results to the press.

    In 2017 orders remained at a very high level with € 68.3 Bn (slipping 5% on a comparable basis). Yet the sector is reassured by the fact that orders have outpace sales for several years, so activity will be sustained for the foreseeable future. It also demonstrates that given the growth in air traffic, there is no let-up in the demand for aircraft.

    The GIFAS Chairman went on to emphasize “We are living in historic times, as there have never been so many commercial planes manufactured in France. This we can put down to the highly commendable performance of the aeronautical supply chain.” (GIFAS now has 391 members, including 170 equipment manufacturers and 185 SMEs).

    The French supply chain companies contribute to this growth and value creation with sales put at € 22.6 Bn (a 5.9% rise on a comparable basis) and € 18.3 Bn of orders, a rise of 2.3%.

    “2017 was a challenging year for the aerospace supply chain, which had to keep pace with the industry as output increased. The ramp-up can be mainly ascribed to the way our industry operates. It is organized as a supportive, responsive and vibrant sector that involves the equipment manufacturers and SMEs in the prime contractors’ growth,” Patrick Daher, Chairman of the Equipment Group (GEAD) pointed out.

    “The healthy order book illustrates the quality of the supply chain, and its on-going efforts to adapt, but must not mask the difficulties observed in the sector” Bertrand LUCEREAU, Chairman of the GIFAS Aero-SME Committee was at pains to say.


    Left to right:

    MM. Bourlot/Managing director of GIFAS - Daher/Chairman of the Equipment Group -
    /Chairman of GIFAS - Lucereau/Chairman of the GIFAS Aero-SME Committee

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    Christophe Robin - Communications Director
    Tel.  + 33 (0)1 44 43 17 50
    Cell. +33 (0)6 07 51 86 23

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