Our vision

The aerospace industry has brought one of humanity’s oldest dreams to life, a dream that seemed out of reach for so long : the ability to fly, to travel among the stars.

With a strong sense of our common goals, we are building the future and expanding its limits. 

When we work toward the same ambitions, we can fly higher. What does the future hold? “Farther and higher” is GIFAS’ vision for its members, to address tomorrow’s challenges. 

Together, our members’ teams whether they are composed of researchers, operators, engineers or entrepreneurs are hard at work each day to make this project come to life and expand its possibilities.

Ever better technological expertise

Symbolizing freedom, discovery and travel, airplanes bring people together and foster cultural exchange. They open up isolated areas and connect one place to another. The ycontribute to humanitarian operations. This is a source of motivation and pride for the aerospace industry and implies a certain duty and responsibility

Each flight must be safer than the one before it. Since the beginning, our projects have required constant innovation. By continuously investing in R&D, the member companies of GIFAS make research our sector’s best ally

This unparalleled capacity for research and development makes France the only country in the world, along with the United States, that is capable of designing and building a plane from A to Z. To maintain its contribution to the development of aviation and space activities, GIFAS ensures stellar cooperation between different fields of expertise within the French aerospace industry. 

We strive for all actors in the supply chain to be able to work together in the best possible synergy for the benefit of our clients and for everyone who has ridden in or been fascinated by aircraft.

The French aerospace and defense industry is high-tech, high-quality, dominant, strategic, responsible and unsurpassable.

Éric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS

Fighting climate change

Every innovation in the industry is devised and implemented with the environment (and environmental benefit) in mind. The aerospace sector is exemplary in that it was the first sector to make a concerted commitment to the fight against climate change, and it has long held this stance. Today, within France, GIFAS works within CORAC (the Civil Aviation Research Council) and with European and international partners to explore environmentally friendly technological solutions. 

The environmental performance of our sector is better and better. CO2 emissions per passenger have decreased by 80% over the past 60 years. To transport people while respecting our environment, GIFAS and the international aviation sector have contributed to implement CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) measures from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation).

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Helping to build European Defence

GIFAS works ceaselessly to always better anticipate and respond to the needs of the armed forces. Issues of security and national sovereignty go beyond France—they involve all of Europe.

In France, GIFAS is vigilant about the proper implementation of the “Loi de Programmation Militaire” 2019-2025, a military planning law that helps preserve our strategic autonomy and our defense capabilities. This is vital for the long-term development of our defense industry, which counts several thousand highly skilled jobs firmly anchored in French territory.

GIFAS also works with partners from other countries, in cooperation with the European Commission, to build a “powerful Europe”.

Its devotion is complete since this is the only way to manifest an autonomous and strategic European superpower.

Facing tomorrow’s challenges

The success of the aerospace industry depends on the talents of the people who are part of it. It is thus in our interest to attract the best skills while maintaining a policy of inclusion and diversity.

Moreover, in order to face tomorrow's challenges, GIFAS created the program “Industrie du Futur” inorder to assist SMEs with their digital transition.

Enhancing the competitiveness of over 300 of these economic actors means ensuring that our excellence will continue to reach new heights.

Helping to go further

GIFAS has set itself the task of representing, coordinating, supporting, cooperating with and promoting its members—keeping pace with the dreams and determination that have motivated actors in the international aerospace sector for more than a century.