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  • Gifas news

  • French manufacturers out in force for the Aero India show 2019 (February 2019)


    The French Pavilion coordinated by GIFAS will showcase 36 companies at this international show to be held in Bangalore from 20 to 24 February 2019.

    The exhibitors on the French Pavilion will be: ABC - Aérocampus Aquitaine - Aerometals & Alloys - Air Liquide - ASB Group - Aubert & Duval - Axon’Cable - Cimulec - Daher - Dassault Aviation - Dassault Systèmes - Draka Fileca - First Schwitchtech - Gaches Chimie - Hexcel - Interface Concept - Lauak - LGM - Mach Aéro - Novae Aerospace - NSE - Paris Saint-Denis Aéro - Pinette Emidecau Industries (PEI) - Precicast - Rafale International - Rafaut - Recaero - Roxel - Safran - Saft - Satys - Secan - Sonovision Aetos - Sopra Steria – Thales - Weare Group.

    If we add the French companies taking their own stands: Airbus - Liebherr Aerospace - MBDA - Nicomatic India Electronics - Staubli Faverges - Zodiac Data Systems, and those exhibiting under the Indian flag (Alkan / Nucon Aerospace Pvt Ltd - Alten - Assystem - Bolloré Logistics - Lisi Aerospace / Ankit - Radiall – Titeflex), France will have the strongest foreign showing by numbers of exhibiting companies, with 49 companies. All sectors will be represented – civil and military aerospace, defence and space.

    Press Release: cp_uk_french_manufacturers_out_in_force_for_the_aero_india_show_2019_copy1.pdf

    GIFAS booklet (PDF - 2 Mo): french_aerospace_industry_aeroindia19_copy1.pdf


    Press Officer:
    Christophe ROBIN, Communications Director
    Tel : +33 (0)1 44 43 17 50 - christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    Annual report 2017/2018 (october 2018)

    French Aerospace, Defence and Security Industry.

    Presented at the Gifas Annual Meeting held on 5 july 2018.

    100 pages: Chairman's Message, main aggregates concerning Gifas members (aerospace revenues, consolidated revenues, orders, exports, aerospace trade balance, the space sector, workforce & recruitment).


    Annual report 2016/2017 (English section page 82):


    - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Director – christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    Meseberg Declaration - GIFAS welcomes the prospects for Franco-German cooperation in the field of space (June 2018)

    At the end of the Council of French and German ministers held in Meseberg (Germany) on 19 June 2018, the German Chancellor and the President of the French Republic drew attention to the importance of a rapidly-evolving space sector. They reaffirmed their commitment to cooperate in this area, which is one of excellence for the two countries. By common accord, GIFAS (the French aerospace industries association) together with its German partner and counterpart BDLI (the German aerospace industries association), welcome this declaration and the prospects that were both announced and confirmed on this occasion.

    Space, a high technology sector, vector of scientific progress and carrier of essential applications for our societies and our institutions, particularly military, in the fields of communication, Internet access, weather forecasting, navigation, knowledge of climate change, monitoring of the Earth and space environment or the discovery of the Universe, is also a powerful factor of European integration.

    Germany and France will continue to support and contribute to the key achievements of the Galileo and EGNOS navigation programs and the Copernicus Earth observation satellites program for the European Union, as well as to the main programs of the European Space Agency.


                                                                               Ariane 6 with four boosters

    Independent access to space is acknowledged to be a key factor for Europe’s future political, economic and technological sovereignty. Our French and German space industries are particularly devoted to achieving this objective. The French-German discussions on 19 June reaffirmed full support for the development of the Ariane 6 new-generation launcher, in cooperation with the European Space Agency. As the German and French governments clearly stated, the demand of the European Union Member States must be consolidated, and government contract deals amalgamated to maximise the use of European launchers. The issue is vital. It will put our industry on an equal footing with those of our competitors whose domestic markets are out of reach to European businesses and enable it to fend off increasing competition.

    Press Release (PDF - 223 ko):

    Gifas - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Director – christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    Death of Mr Serge Dassault (May 2018)


                                                                                              © Serge Dulud

    It is with great sadness and emotion that GIFAS (the French aerospace industries association) and the entire aviation sector learnt of the death of Serge Dassault, an Honorary Chairman of GIFAS and one of the greatest captains of industry that France has ever known.

    His death comes as a huge loss for the whole of the French aerospace sector.

    Serge Dassault, a member of the GIFAS Board since 1968, served as GIFAS Chairman from 1993 to 1997 when he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation, and from 1997 was one of its Honorary Chairmen.

    Serge Dassault also served as the General Commissioner of the Paris Air Show, Paris-Le Bourget, from 1974 to 1993.

    As an Honorary Chairman of GIFAS, he continued to play a regular and active part in the life of the industry through the GIFAS Board until very recently.

    GIFAS, its Board of Administrators, all the companies in the sector and their staff extend their deepest sympathy to his family and friends and offer their heartfelt condolences.

    “Naturally, I am personally very saddened by the death of Serge Dassault, who made a huge contribution to French aviation. Along with all the GIFAS Board members, I will remember him as a chairman who was both approachable and human, anxious to safeguard the sector’s interests and also an industrialist whose whole life was devoted to building the excellence of French aviation.” declared Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation.

    Press release: serge_dassault_pr_copy1.pdf

    ILA Berlin: Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS, will lead a 40-strong delegation of French companies (April 2018)


    Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman & CEO of Dassault Aviation, will lead a 40-strong delegation of French companies made of aerospace, defence and space industrials, the greatest French participation of all times at ILA.

    Responding with enthusiasm to the invitation of BDLI, the sister German association of GIFAS, France is the Partner Country for the ILA Berlin airshow in 2018, scheduled to take place 25-29 April 2018. This partnership proves the excellent relationship between two of the world’s top aerospace nations with a strong track record in terms of cooperation. 

    They are showcasing their know-how at the French pavilion or taking their own stands. The firms include prime contractors, midcaps and SMEs.


    “The French aerospace industry is proud to work alongside with its reliable, long-term partner, the German aerospace industry. History of cooperation between France and Germany is very strong, with real successes. During ILA Berlin, the industries and leaders of our two nations will have the greatest opportunity to prepare the future of the European aerospace. This will be implemented with the strongest confidence in our common ability to cooperate, and shared wish to reaffirm the commitment of our industries in both aerospace, defence and space areas for future projects that are priorities for Europe.” stated the Chairman of GIFAS, Eric Trappier.


    Gifas - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Director – christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    India: Great success for the GIFAS mission to strengthen French-Indian aerospace cooperation and support the "Make in India" policy (April 2018)

    GIFAS has head a major industrial mission to India from 16 to 19 April 2018.

    This mission has been an exceptional opportunity for the Indian and French aerospace industries to meet and explore common fields of win-win cooperation, and all its objectives have been achieved.

    Eric Trappier, the Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman of CIDEF (Council of French Defence Industries), has led this mission. The delegation has made stops in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, where more than 390 business-to-business meetings have been co-organised with SIDM (Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers) and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). This took place on the occasion of two seminar dedicated to the "Indo-French Defence & Aerospace Cooperation".

    Seminar dedicated to the "Indo-French Defence & Aerospace Cooperation"

    From left to right: Pierre Bourlot, GIFAS managing director - Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS -
    Subash Bhamre, Minister of State for Defence - Jayant D Patil, Vice-president of SIDM -
    Subrata Saha, Director General of SIDM

    A MoU between GIFAS and SIDM has been signed to promote partnerships and cooperation.


    MoU. From left to right:
    Pierre Bourlot - GIFAS managing director - and Subrata Saha - Director General of SIDM -

    Eric Trappier stated: "This GIFAS visit is a real success. Cooperation in the areas of aeronautics and space will be strengthened by all meetings and interactions we got this week and the measures now to implement. We are glad to contribute to the 'Make in India' policy and strengthen the strategic partnership between India and France".


    Gifas - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Director – christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    Industrial mission of Gifas in India: Signature of MoU with SIDM of India (April 2018)



    The Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and the Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales (GIFAS) signed a memorandum of understanding on the sidelines of a major industrial mission in India in the field of aerospace and defence organised by GIFAS with the support of SIDM from the 16th to 19th April 2018.

    This agreement aims to promote a sustainable framework for present and future partnerships and cooperative actions between the French aerospace industry and the Indian defence industry by reaffirming the necessity to expand trade, through stronger economic and industrial cooperation, between France and India, and towards export customers.

    This MoU will allow the implementation of measures to promote a mutually beneficial cooperation in aerospace and defence manufacturing, research & technology, human capital, engineering services, systems integration.

    The cooperation will focus on 5 axes of common interest that are:

    • The development of business opportunities between members of GIFAS and SIDM.
    • Training and human capital development.
    • Research and technology.
    • Aerospace Industry Policy and Business Environment.
    • International Trade Issues.



    Pierre Bourlot, GIFAS managing director, and Subrata Saha, SIDM director general signed the MoU.

    Press release: press_release__industrial_mission_of_india_copy3.pdf

    Eric Trappier, the Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman of CIDEF (Council of French Defence Industries), has enlisted 60 French aerospace industrial companies for this outward mission to further French-Indian cooperation efforts.

    Gifas - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Director – christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    GIFAS launches a mission to strengthen French-Indian aerospace cooperation (March 2018)


    , the French Aerospace Industries Association, a driving force behind French-Indian cooperation, will head a major industrial mission to India from 16 to 19 April 2018, drawing on the very constructive and promising feedback resulting from French President Emmanuel Macron’s official visit to India.

    Eric Trappier, the Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman of CIDEF (Council of French Defence Industries), has enlisted 60 French aerospace industrial companies for this outward mission to further French-Indian cooperation efforts.
    Cooperation in the areas of aeronautics and space that started in the Fifties, is organised and well established. It has been strengthened by bilateral strategic partnerships that were brokered twenty years ago.

    This GIFAS trade mission is an industrial demonstration of this long-standing strategic partnership across the civilian, defence and space sectors.

    During their mission from 16 to 19 April 2018, the delegation will make stops in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, where meetings are organised to bring together the sectors’ companies from both countries.

    The major aviation and space players representing both civilian and defence business interests will be present – Airbus, ArianeGroup, Dassault Aviation, MBDA, Safran and Thales – not to mention 54 subcontractors, suppliers, SMEs and equipment manufacturers.

    The Chairman of GIFAS, Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation, stated: "France and GIFAS are proud to develop and strengthen our bonds with India through this mission, as our country and industries are clearly committed to encouraging the “Make in India” initiative".

    Press release: press_release__industrial_mission_of_india.pdf


    Gifas - Press contact: Christophe Robin – Communications Directorchristophe.robin@gifas.fr

    GIFAS in full force at the Singapore Airshow 2018 on the occasion of the France - Singapore year of innovation (february 2018)

    singapore_airshow_2018.jpg      logo_illustrator_web.jpg

    At the Singapore Air Show (from February 6 to 11, 2018), the GIFAS will lead 40 French companies presenting their know-how at the France Pavilion (E09).
    The French delegation is one of the most important of this air show. French aerospace companies include prime contractors, OEMs and SMEs.

    This important presence of the French aerospace industry is part of the strong ties between Singapore and France, especially during the France / Singapore year of innovation. The special year between our two countries has been decided during the State visit to Singapore of the President of the Republic François Hollande (March 27, 2017). This label is an opportunity to promote cooperation between our two countries in aeronautics, defence and space.

    GIFAS’ company members aim at long-term cooperation with Singapore.
    More than 2,000 employees work in French aerospace groups subsidiaries, accounting for 10% of aerospace jobs in Singapore. The city-state has established itself as a leading industrial hub and has become the leading Maintenance Repair & Overhaul centre in Asia. The French aerospace industry is positioned as a privileged partner of the country with a common priority: innovation.

    Created in 2015 by GIFAS, SEAFAN (South East Asia French Aerospace Network) provides the French industrywith information on ASEAN and finds industrial partners with the support of local players.

    Enlarge map: click on


    Press release: cpsalonsingapour2018_en.pdf

    France Pavilion - booklet (2,2 Mo): click the image below


    GIFAS - Christophe Robin - Director of Communications

    Phone: +33 (0)1 44 43 17 50
    Mail: christophe.robin@gifas.fr

    SEAFAN: Simon Graber

    Christophe Robin appointed Communications Director of GIFAS (November 2016)

    Today (7 November 2016), Christophe Robin takes up his post at GIFAS as its Communications Director, reporting to the Group’s General Delegate.

    christophe_robin__directeur_de_la_communication__gifas_copy1.jpgHis dual career in industry and consulting having served on the management teams of major international blue-chip groups, has given Christophe Robin proven sensitive and highly international consulting expertise in the fields of communication, institutional matters, business development, organization and management, and strategic environment. This experience, with its strong entrepreneurial bent, is eminently suited for GIFAS’ missions, be they on behalf of its members – that is global groups, original equipment manufacturers or SMEs – or for the sector itself.

    His professional career commenced in 1984 working for Electronique Serge Dassault. Then in 1986, he joined SIRPA (the Department of Information and Public Relations of the French Armed Forces) of the Ministry of Defence.

    He joined the Thomson Group and its defence subsidiary Thomson-CSF in 1988 later known as Thales.

    In 2011, Christophe Robin was made a partner of the Alexander Hughes Group, the international executive search firm for Directors, Senior Experts and Administrators.

    More: christophe_robin_appointed_communications_director_november_2016.pdf

    christophe.robin@gifas.fr - + 33 (0)1 44 43 17 51

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